Betting | Dec 15, 2023

2023/24 NFL Week 15: Best Moneyline Odds & Predictions

By Harry Bazley

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The end of the regular season is fast approaching and the league is all over the place with quarterback injuries, coaching changes and playoff hopes affecting each and every matchup.

Betting on the NFL season doesn't get tougher than in the last few games of the year. So, we've done all the work for you for Week 15.

In this article, we'll be breaking down the best odds on the market for this weekend, while we predict the outcome of our favourite matchups this weekend.

Vikings @ Bengals

Joe Burrow’s injury seemed like a huge hit to the Bengals playoff hopes at first, but Jake Browning quickly silenced those rumours, knocking it out the park since taking over in Week 12. Cincy have now logged 34-points in back-to-back wins, while Brian Flores’ defense has allowed no more than just 15 points per game since Week 6 (No.1 in the league).

Meanwhile, the magic in Minnesota has quickly faded with Joshua Dobbs’ fall from grace. Following a very promising start in his first two games for the purple and gold, Dobbs has been rocky to say the least. Now, it’s up to Nick Mullens to keep the Vikings in the playoff conversation. Justin Jefferson may be back in the line up, but it’ll be very unlikely he can carry the offense to a win over the red hot Bengals.

Prediction: Bengals

Falcons @ Panthers

Carolina may only be 3 point underdogs for this matchup, but I expect they'll lose by a lot more. The weather is likely to play a big role, with heavy rain and 20mph winds predicted, and that means one thing - running the ball. When they get things going, the Atlanta Falcons are some of the best in the business. Match that with the Panthers having one of the worst run defenses in the league, and you get a perfect game script for Arthur Smith.

It's likely we'll see very few touchdowns and plenty of field goals, and with Atlanta having a top-tier kicker, they'll take points wherever they can get them. Even if it's just two field goals, expect them to come out on top in this one.

Prediction: Falcons

Jets @ Dolphins

This may be a tougher matchup for the Dolphins as Tua Tagovailoa will be taking on an impressive pass defense, especially with his main weapon, Tyreek Hill, overcoming an injury. But Miami aren't one dimensional... They also have a very solid run game with DeVon Achane and Raheem Mostert. And while the Jets rank highly vs the pass, they are one of the softest run defenses in the league. They may not get close to the 70 points they put up earlier in the league, but they only need to outplay Zach Wilson and that isn't a tough task.
Sure, Wilson looked much improved last week versus the Texans, but given his track record for the season, we can only take this as a fluke at this point.

There's a reason the Dolphins are 9 point favourites - this Miami squad is just that talented. If Tyreek Hill can't play, then my confidence in this pick will fall, but for now, I'm backing the Fins to bounce back after a tough loss last week.

Prediction: Dolphins

Chiefs @ Patriots

The Chiefs are angry... After a tough loss to the Bills - that was lost only as a result of a penalty flag on the last few plays of the game - Patrick Mahomes was visibly upset with the officials. And if there's one thing you don't want as a defense, it's an angry Mahomes with a chip on his shoulder, fighting for a bounce back win and a shot at securing the playoffs. KC may have had a rocky road, with only Travis Kelce providing a reliable outlet for the offense, but they are still an 8-5 team leading their division. Meanwhile, the Patriots are a 3-10 team with their former back-up quarterback leading the way. They are confidently out of playoff contention, with nothing more than pride to play for.

There's one prediction to make here, and it's simple...

Prediction: Chiefs

49ers @ Cardinals

The 49ers are currently the favourites to win the Super Bowl, with a five-game win streak under their belt. Most recently blowing out the Eagles and securing a 28-16 victory over the Seahawks. They'll now face the Cardinals for the second time this year, after clobbering them with a 35-16 scoreline in their first matchup. With that being said, the Cardinals are now being lead by Kyler Murray and since his return from injury, they have looked far more competent. They will be coming off a bye week rest following their 24-10 win over Pittsburgh. But all things considered, even in Pheonix, I'm expecting the 49ers to steamroll Kyler Murray & Co.

Brock Purdy, Christian McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel, George Kittle and one of the best defenses in the NFL, should have no problem against the Cardinlas.

Prediction: 49ers