NFL Odds

The NFL Season is one of the most exciting times of the year and probably the busiest for sports betting! Here at Best Sports Odds we want to help our players as much as possible, so whether you are betting on the super bowl or betting mid-season on prop bets or praying that your team will cover the spread we search the top NFL betting sites to give you the best betting odds you can find anywhere online.

NFL Betting Lines are normally shown in what are called "Vegas Odds", these are usually shown as a + or - sign, with +100 being the middle point. For +100 odds, if you place a $100 bet you would win $100 extra, or $200 total including your wager.

There are some common betting options on most NFL betting sites, so you could bet on the "Moneyline" which means you are betting on your team winning the game. Or a "Totals" which is a bet on whether the total scores will add up to more or less than what the online betting site offers.

Disclaimer - Betting on NFL games can be a lot of fun, but please bet responsibly and remember, when the fun stops, stop.