Other | Sep 30, 2022

XFL team names leaked ahead of official announcement

By Harry Bazley

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It's been a rollercoaster ride for XFL fans in recent years. From the build up in 2019, to the season cut short by COVID-19, we never really had our expectations fulfilled by the breakout pro football league. Fortunately, we're set for a 2023 season to go ahead and the build up has already begun.

The league has already announced new host cities and coaching staff, but many fans are waiting for the big announcement of the new team names, logos and uniforms.

Last week, XFL Las Vegas head coach Rod Woodson made a guest appearance on the Pat McAfee Show and revealed that XFL team names and logos would be announced next week. This comment has put fans on the edge of their seat, wondering what name and colours their favourite team will be sporting next year.

Thanks to a mistake made by the official XFL shop, the new team names were accidently revealed. It wasn't long after they posted the information. before it was spread around social media like wildfire and any references on the site were swiftly removed.

Despite the quick reactions by the XFL, many people managed to get a hold of the potential team names for 2023. This may explain why the league posted a job opening for a new Website Director shortly after the leak.

Plans are already seeping in as the XFL will host various happy hour events for season ticket holders after the official announcement is made next week. But for now, here are the potential team names we could see next year:

  • Arlington Renegades

  • DC Defenders

  • Orlando Guardians

  • Houston Roughnecks

  • San Antonio Brahmas

  • Seattle Sea Dragons

  • St. Louis BattleHawks

  • Vegas Vipers

Looking at the names, we see quite an interesting mix.

Firstly, it makes sense to see the Renegades make a move to Arlington from Dallas, as they were announced to be serving as a partial hub in 2023.

New York is now out of the mix, with Orlando set to take over as the Guardian's next year.

Many fans were hopeful for Vegas to bring back the 'Outlaws' but as the USFL owns the team name trademark, instead the Tampa Bay Vipers, make a move to the desert - Vegas Vipers sound pretty good.

Washington, Houston and St. Louis keep their names from the 202 season, while Seattle's football team may see a slight twist. Both the Seattle Dragons and the Seattle Sea Dragons were seen on the XFL shop site, so we're unsure which one will go ahead.

Lastly, it looks like league co-owner Dwayne the Rock Johnson has had his input on the San Antonio team. In the past, Johnson has sometimes used the nickname 'Brahma Bull' and it seems he's incorporating this into the Texas side's name - they now become the San Antonio Brahmas.

With the official reveal just around the corner, fans don't have to sit in uncertainty for too much longer. But the XFL's own store site should be a pretty reliable source for any info on the upcoming season, though the page has gone dark since the leak and I guess we understand why.