NFL | Aug 02, 2022

Top 8 Terrible Injuries in US Sports History

By Freya Lockwood

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Injuries are a common occurrence in the sports world are annoying for both the player and the fans as they want to see the greatest sports stars succeed and entertain. Some injuries are certainly entertaining and almost gruesome enough that you can't turn your head away, so in a way they aren't all bad - if they're not too serious anyway.

Here are some of the worst sports injuries in US sports history.

Warning: the following content may be graphic, viewer discretion is advised.

Bryan Berard - Hockey

Former American NHL Hockey player, Bryan Berard suffered from a slash on the sclera which led to a retinal tear and a detached retina, which he required 7 surgeries for, putting him on the side line for 18 months.

Berard was later given a contact lens that would allow him to play again as his sight woudl reach the minimum vision requirements by the NHL.

Willis McGahee - American Football

Former American football running back was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the first round of the 2003 NFL draft.

Despite this, after being drafted McGahee suffered a horrific injury, including a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) when playing in the fourth quarter of the 2003 Fiesta Bowl National Championship game.

When catching a screen pass from Dorsey he was quickly barged by Buckeye's Will Allen, this lead to his left knee bending backwards causing a torn ACL, PCL, MCL.

Paul George - Basketball

In 2014, Paul George was taken on the court on a stretcher after landing into the base of the basket in a very awkward position, which lead to two breaks in his leg. He sustained a fracture to both his tibia and fibula after fouling James Harden in an NBA match.

Unfortunately, George would miss winning the USA Gold medal at the 2014 FIBA World Cup and 76 games of the following NBA season.

Joe Theismann - American Football

In 1985, Joe Theismann faced a career ending injury.

When playing professionally for the Washington Commanders as quarterback, he was tackled by Lawrence Taylor, who was well-known for his heavy hitting, although this time he realised he took it too far when getting emotional after seeing what he had done to Theismann.

Bryce Florie - Baseball

In 2000, Bryce Florie was hit in the face by a line drive when playing for the Boston Red Sox against the New York Yankees.

Florie suffered from a cheekbone and orbital socket fracture and a damage to his retina after Ryan Thompsons very hard hit.

He returned to the pitch in 2001, he pitched 7 more games for the Red Sox before they released him the same year.

Napoleon McCallum - American Football

Former American Footballer, Napoleon McCallum got his cleat stuck in the ground when being tacked, causing a dislocation and hamstring injury during a game against the San Francisco 49ers for the Oakland Raiders.

McCallum suffered a ruptured artery to his left knee, tore three ligaments, and tore the calf and hamstring form the bone, suffering from some nerve damage in the knee.

Unfortunately, this injury meant that McCallum had to give up his football career.

Gordon Hayward - Basketball

In 2017, Gordon Hayward had attempted an alley-oop which did not go to plan as he fractured his leg and dislocated ankle after an awkward landing.

The injury meant that Haywards season would come to and end after the incident occurred during the game for the Boston Celtics.

Hayward would returned to the sport 364 days but in 2022, he faced another injury which has lead to him being out indefinitely due to a fractured bone chip that has not healed correctly.

Clint Malarchuk - Hockey

During a NHL game in 1989, Clint Malarchuk faced a life-threating injury when a player's skate slit his throat, slicing his carotid artery and partially slicked his jugular vein, meaning there was a LOT of blood.

When the injury occurred, Malarchuk said his first thoughts were 'I'm going to die in 2-3 minutes', and that he needed to get of the ice as his Mum was watching at home, he didn't want his Mum to watch him die.

He asked his equipment manager to hold his hand while he died, but thanks to his Vietnam War Veteran team trainer, he was able to stem the bleeding and survived the horrific injury.

After just 10 days, Malarchuk was back on the ice, where he received a standing ovation. Sadly, he suffered from serious undiagnosed PTSD a few months later and was riddled with depression and anxiety along with panic attacks.

Malarchuk suffered from alcohol abuse, which unfortunately led to his wife had coming home to him drunk one day holding a .22 calibre rifle. Joanie, his wife claimed he said he couldn't turn his head off and so, he pulled the trigger after stating 'This is what I wish would happen'.

Malarchuk survived the suicide attempt as the bullet was lodged in his sinus pathway, avoiding any damage to the eyes or brain.

Some injuries can be damaging both mentally and physically, it is important that you do not suffer in silence, reach out for help.