NBA | Jun 23, 2022

Stephen Curry’s Greatest NBA Finals Moments

By Harry Bazley

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Steph Curry is fresh off the back of an NBA championship win with The Golden State Warriors. Curry secured his fourth ring with a finals MVP performance that pushes him further into the GOAT conversation, though he still has a long way to go.

The Warriors closed out the finals in Boston with a 103-90 scoreline in game 6, where Curry put up 34 points and a 57.1 FG% - his highest of all 6 games. With the help of Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins, Curry ran circles around the Boston Celtics - most notably in game 4 where he dropped 43 points to even the series at two games apiece.

For a while 'Chef' had arguably been the greatest player in NBA history without an Finals MVP to his name, but now that the GOAT of three-pointers has added the title to his long list of accolades, we thought it would only be right to pay tribute to some of his best finals moments.

Across his four NBA titles with the Warriors dynasty, it's no surprise he has had some classic crossovers and some crazy shots. So, without further ado, here are Steph Curry's top 5 NBA finals moments.

Delly Crossovers

In another match-up against the Cavs, Curry showed why he took the league MVP title that season with some of the nastiest crossovers and step-backs of the entire year.

Cleveland were suffering with an injured Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, which left their reserve point-guard, Matthew 'Delly' Dellavoda, to take on Curry head-to-head. After taking control of the series by winning Game 2 and 3, in spite of their missing All-Stars, it was time for Golden State to get serious.

Delly was actually doing a great job containing Curry - conceding an average of just 22.7 points from Game 2 to 4, as well as a dismal 5-of-23, 19 point Game 2. But, in a pivotal Game 5, Curry showed he couldn't be stopped by anyone. He gave his best performance of the series and dropped 37 points on Delly to lead the Warriors to a win.

NBA Finals 3-point record

There's no denying that Curry is the greatest 3-point shooter of all time - he holds a ton of records already, but most importantly he has the most 3s of all time, at 3,117.

Now, one game that added to the tally in style was Game 2 of the 2018 NBA Finals, where Curry led his team to perhaps the greatest Warriors championship of this era. Golden State took it straight to their rivals in Cleveland and shut out Lebron James' Cavaliers 4-0 to win the title without a single loss.

Game 2 was where Curry really shone, as he set the record for most triples ever made in a finals game. He sank 9 of them en route to a game-high 33 points, 5 of which came in the fourth quarter alone, including one impossible-looking rainbow shot with the clock winding down.

2019 Game 3 vs Raptors

With both Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson both out, Cleveland were hobbling through the 2019 Finals against the Raptors. Game 3 was entirely on the shoulders of Steph Curry and he didn't disappoint.

Curry put the team on his back and gave the performance of a lifetime - exploding for a playoff career-high 47-points, landing 6 from deep. Despite his best efforts, he couldn't compete with the Raptors squad depth and the game resulted in a loss for the Warriors.

The performance has been somewhat forgotten due to the defeat but it'll always be one of the best individual displays of greatness in Finals history.

LeBron on skates

Back in 2016, Lebron stole what could have been the best season in history for Curry and the Warriors, by bringing the Cavs back from a 3-1 series deficit to win the 2016 championship. James also put a few moves on the 3-point king, including one infamous trash talk moment following a blocked shot.

Lucky for Steph, the two rivals met again in 2017, where Curry was able to take his revenge on Lebron and drive through the series for a Warriors title. One moment that we're sure Curry will take to his grave, was running Lebron around the court before driving past him for the lay up. With LeBron heavily in the conversation for GOAT - and perhaps the only contender to join Kobe Bryant in the debate with MJ - there's really no one else you'd rather put on skates.

(Some still debate a potential double dribble... watch the slo-mo and decide for yourself).