MLB | Sep 23, 2022

MLB Power Rankings 2022

By Freya Lockwood

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There are two weeks left of the Major League Baseball (MLB) 2022 regular season, and we expect the last few games to be exciting, anything could happen!

Four of the top five teams have clinched a playoff berth, but the Yankees, Guardians, and Cardinals, despite being division leaders, are still fighting for their playoff spot.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 power rankings for the remainder of the season.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers

Record: 104-46

The LA Dodgers remain at the top of the NL West Table and are doing the best in the National League, with their pitching staff having the lowest ERA in the league, they have managed to win a total of 13 games out of twenty, bringing the record to 104-46.

Clayton Kershaw has been impressive after returning from the IL, he reached a 1.50 ERA over 18 innings across three September starts.

2. Houston Astros

Record: 99-51

The Astros have secured their playoff berth at the top of the AL West and top of the American League. They are currently in a position to be regarded as the greatest Houston team in franchise history, depending on how the playoffs turn out. They are the team to beat in the AL and the favorite to make a fourth consecutive World Series appearance.

The AL Cy Young favorite, Justin Verlander has come back from a three-week absence and has immediately shown his positive impact on the team.

3. New York Mets

Record: 95-56

Although front management should have made more moves at the trade deadline, this season should be seen as a success given the Mets have already secured a spot in the postseason and are on the verge of reaching 100 victories.

The Mets haven’t been playing as well as they could, but they are still doing what they need

to. They will need to top the Braves over the next few weeks to secure their playoff spot.

4. Atlanta Braves

Record: 93-56

The Atlanta Braves won the weekend series against the rival Phillies, but unfortunately, they have now lost second baseman, Ozzie Albies. Albies broke his right pinky finger on Saturday while sliding into second base, just one night after returning from a three-month hiatus due to a fractured left foot.

This means Ablies will miss the rest of the regular season, and possibly the postseason. With help from their rising stars Spencer Strider and Micheal Harris II, they haven't been able to top the Mets in the NL East, but things could change.

5. New York Yankees

Record: 90-58

The Yankees are currently in the wild card race for the AL East league, with exceptional help from Aaron Judge. He has made some impressive statistics, including his slash line of .350/.428/,832 in the games the Yankees have won, and .256/.388/.482 in the games they have lost.

6. St Louis Cardinals

Record: 87-63

The Cardinals are doing well in the NL Central league, but the real question is, when will Albert Pujols reach 700 home runs? He is currently on his 698th, his most recent came on Friday against Cincinnati.

7. Toronto Blue Jays

Record: 84-65

If the Blue Jays can keep their winning streak, they can secure the fourth seed in the AL bracket. This season, the Blue Jays have performed significantly better away from Rogers Centre. Although the win-loss records are comparable, Toronto's run differential at home (until Tuesday) corresponds to that of a team with 79 wins over 162 games.

8. Tampa Bay Rays

Record: 82-67

Despite the restrictions they are facing, the Tampa Bay Rays are finally getting their act together at the appropriate time. Although it's still hard to imagine Tampa Bay making a run to the World Series, nobody should be shocked if it advances to the ALCS.

9. Seattle Mariners

Record: 81-67

The Mariners are not doing their best this season, Jesse Winker, who had a subpar first season in Seattle, could use a late-season rebound for the team. He is currently hitting .218 with 13 home runs, his average this month is .147 with his last home run in August.

10. Philadelphia Phillies

Record: 81-67

The Phillies are not doing their best this season, and if they don’t want to miss out they need to step up their game in the next coming weeks.

Philadelphia's disappointing weekend series in Atlanta, where the team scored only seven runs in three days, served as a reminder of the team's shortcomings, notably its relief pitching. Despite having the second-fewest innings pitched in the majors, the Phillies' bullpen is ranked 23rd out of 30 teams in ERA.

The rest of the power rankings:

11. Cleveland Guardians

12. San Diego Padres

13. Milwaukee Brewers

14. Baltimore Orioles

15. Chicago White Sox

16. Minnesota Twins

17. San Francisco Giants

18. Boston Red Sox

19. Arizona Diamondbacks

20. Texas Rangers

21. Los Angeles Angels

22. Colorado Rockies

23. Chicago Cubs

24. Miami Marlins

25. Kansas City Royals

26. Cincinnati Reds

27. Detroit Tigers

28. Pittsburgh Pirates

29. Oakland Athletics

30. Washington Nationals