NHL | Feb 25, 2022

Ice Hockey Slang Explained

By Freya Lockwood


You may have watched an ice hockey game and been a bit confused about the terminology being thrown around. Well, have no fear as we have got you covered with a list of all the hockey slang you need to know from A-Z.

You may have watched an ice hockey game and been a bit confused about the terminology being thrown around. Well, have no fear as we have got you covered with a list of all the hockey slang you need to know from A-Z.


An assist

Bar Down:

This is when the puck hits the bottom of the goal post crossbar and goes into the net. It also known as bar south and bar Mexico


Referring to a hockey ice rink or arena


An exciting hockey game that keeps you on the edge of your seat right until the end with high scores and fast paced play.


A player that is both highly talented and loved by the whole team for not only his skills but his personality too. Usually a beauty will have some great stories to tell his teammates.


When a player's ankles bend when skating, usually they are not the best at ice hockey either.


Another name for the hockey puck


Ice hockey helmet


A celebration after a player scores a goal.


Top shelf of the net


This is another name for teeth in the ice hockey world


This is when a player trash talks directly to an opposing player.


A powerful slapshot that results in a goal.

Coast to Coast:

Refers to a player that travels with the puck from the defensive zone to the offensive zone and scores a goal without passing to anyone.

Dangle or Deke:

When a player fakes moves in order to trick the goalie or players of the opposing team.


A pinch of tobacco that a player will have before a game in the locker room


A term for an impressive dangle or deke


A player that is often on the bench and doesn't play, therefore getting a little bit dusty.


When a game finishes on a 0-0 draw.


An attempt to annoy an opposing player by rubbing the palm of their glove in their face


Another term for a successful dangle


A helmet with a plastic shield instead of a regular cage shield. This can be a term used in trash talk due to the opinion that if you wear one you are probably the worst player on the ice. Although they can often be worn by the best player on the ice too.


When a player stands on one leg to get out of the way of a shot.

Freeze the Puck:

A term describing the stoppage of polay caused by a player that has stopped and is holding onto the puck


A player with long hair that sticks out of their helmet


A successful goal


A game that gets out of hand, often includes lots of fights, goals and penalties.

Gordie Howe Hat Trick:

When a single player ticks the box for all three of the following in one game: scores, gets an assist and gets into a fight. The term is named after the hall of famer Gordie Howe.


A player that puts in all of their effort on the ice, they usually have limited skills but are loved by the team due to their dedication.

Grocery Stick:

This refers to the player that sits between the defensive players side and the offensive players of the bench, like a separator at a checkout line.


A term used in trash talk to describe an opposing player as a loser.


A term named after former Red Wings defenseman Niklas Kronwall, it is used to describe a huge hit by a defenseman.

Lay the Lumber on Him:

When a player uses their stick to strike an opponent


Used to describe a great head of hair on a hockey player.

Light the Lamp:

Scoring a goal, which sets the red light off behind the net.

Lip Lettuce or Sweater:

A moustache


A hockey stick made of wood


Refers to a players hands or gloves


A shot that should have been stopped when wavering in the air all the way to the hockey net.


Another name for a moustache

Odd Man Rush:

A term used to describe the attacking move when the defence is outnumbered by the opposing team.

Passing the Puck:

The movement of the puck from one player to the other.


Someone that is not respected as much as other players and often sits on the bench. It is often used as trash talk to the opposing team.


Refers to the goalies leg pads


Bad pass in the middle or the rink that is easily stolen


Refers to a player that is good at passing and stickhandling.


Usually not the most skilled player but likes doing the dirty work in the corners and works hard.


A slow skater that can be easily skated around.


A goalie that is easy to score against, as if he has holes like a sieve.


Where the players go to wait out their penalty.


An impressive shot that makes its way through a tiny space and results in a goal.


When a goalie makes a great save

Toe Drag:

When a player used the toe of their stick to drag the puck towards themselves in order to get it away from the defender


When a player would rather not fight and so go into a ball on the floor.


Alternative name to a hockey stick

Where Mama Keeps the Peanut Butter:

A goal scored in the top of the net

Yard Sale:

When a player is hit so hard that it causes him to lose his helmet, stick or gloves and they are left on the ice after the play.