MLB | Jun 30, 2023

How to break a baseball bat like a pro

By Harry Bazley

Pexels pixabay 257970

We've seen countless bats broken over the course of baseball history, but some stand out well above the rest. Today we're going to take a leaf out of the pros book and learn just how to break a baseball bat the right way!

Bo Jackson

One of the most iconic bat breaks of all time, comes from one of the greatest athletes of all time - Bo Jackson.

Now the first step to breaking a bat over your head like Bo Jackson is to be Bo Jackson. Sure, some of you may also be genetic freaks that can snap a bat over your head without even breaking a sweat, but unless you're a pro athlete with a helmet on, I wouldn't recommend it (and even then it's touch and go).

Chris Iannetta

Perhaps the most popular option for snapping your bat out of anger, is breaking it over your knee.

I'm not entirely sure what's a better choice though, snapping the bat over your head with a helmet on, or using your knee instead. Maybe the best option is just to not get struck out...

You might think this is easy to do, but trust me it's not as simple as it looks.

During the incredible pitching performance of Domingo Germán on Wednesday night - in which he logged the first perfect game since 2012 - he had some of the Oakland A's batsmen desperately trying to break their bats, but sadly (and embarrassingly) failing... That's one way to cause more harm to yourself than damage to your bat.

Enrique Bradfield Jr.

Of course, if you don't feel like snapping the bat out of pure rage, you could just hit a corker off a fastball and break your bat that way instead...

Vanderbilt's Enrique Bradfield Jr. managed to break a bat with the sheer force of his swing. This wasn't him breaking a composite bat or softball bat, he snapped an aluminium bat in half simply by hitting the ball.

Hammer Hands

This guy may not be in the MLB but he's a professional of sorts...

German martial artist Muhamed Kahmiranovic broke a Guinness World Record when he snapped 68 baseball bats in 1 minute using his bare hands, earning him the nickname 'Hammer Hands'. The previous record was just 55, but he knocked it out of the park (pun intended).

So, there you have it! Some of the best techniques to break a baseball bat, used by professionals. Of course, we don't recommend trying any of these, instead just focus on hitting home runs and you'll never feel the need to break your bats in the first place.