Betting | Nov 03, 2022

Finding the best sports odds for NFL Week 9

By Harry Bazley

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If you're an avid NFL fan, you probably take a look at the sportsbooks every once in a while, and maybe you even place a bet, but how do you know you're getting the best returns for your wager?

Well, that's where we come in.

Best Sports Odds takes all the odds from the top bookies and compares them in an easy-to-read format to show you which bet will give you the most bang for your buck. When you use our service, you can place your wagers on your favourite team or player without worrying if you've got the best odds.

Today, I'm going to take you through the best 2022 NFL Week 9 odds, comparing a variety of different sportsbooks for each wager. I'll be looking at BetMGM, BetRivers, Draftkings, Caesers, FanDuel and Wynn Bet to find the best picks and show you just how much the odds can affect your winnings.


Moneyline bets are perhaps the most popular wagers around. If you simply head to our NFL odds homepage, you'll see every NFL moneyline odd for the entire NFL schedule each week. Simply select 'Moneyline' in the top left corner of the table and voila!

Now, let's take a look at some of the bets:

The Philadelphia Eagles are currently 7-0, and they'll be facing the Houston Texans for Thursday Night Football's NFL game. Whether you're a Philly fan or not, it's clear that the Birds are the road favorites this week.

Eagles moneyline

So, BetMGM clearly has the best odds for Philadelphia in this matchup at -750, meaning a $100 bet on the Eagles to win, will pay out $113.33. Whereas, if you simply went onto WynnBet and took the -909 odds without second-guessing, you'd only receive $111 from that same $100 stake.

This may not seem like much but imagine this happened for every single game. You'd only need to place 10 bets to lose $20, and the difference in odds can often be much bigger than this.

Moneyline Parlays

Now, imagine you were placing a moneyline parlay... Let's take a look at this for a second.

Moneyline Parlay

Let's say you want to place a parlay on all 5 favourites in this matchup. So, your bets would be:

  • The Philadelphia Eagles over the Houston Texans

  • The Los Angeles Chargers over the Atlanta Falcons

  • The Miami Dolphins over the Chicago Bears

  • The Cincinnati Bengals over the Carolina Panthers

  • The Green Bay Packers over the Detroit Lions

If you made a $100 parlay bet using the worst odds from each game, your payout would be just $490.92.

If you made that same $100 parlay bet using the BEST odds from each game, your payout would be $548.01.

That's a $57.09 difference and that's only a five-fold parlay...

Spread Bets

Now, spreads tend to vary much less than the moneyline, as the chance for a huge difference in the points scored, is much smaller than the chance for an underdog to grab a surprise win.

But our useful tool does all the hard work once again and shows you the best odds for every spread for every single game.

Colts Pats Spread

As you can see with the above, sometimes every sportsbook will agree. It seems every one of the sportsbooks here believe that a spread of 5.5 comes with identical odds for both the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots. Odds at -110 for the home favorite to win by 6 or more is the consensus across the board here. It seems the sportsbooks don't have much faith in Sam Ehlinger at all.

On the other hand, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Los Angeles Rams matchup comes with a little more uncertainty.

Bucs Rams Spread

If you wanted to take the underdog bet on LA, making a $1000 wager at WynnBet would return $2000, but if you went to FanDuel your payout would only be $1,847.46. That's a huge loss...

Sure, the stakes are pretty high on this one, but an 8% loss of your winnings on every bet you make, will add up very quickly.

Totals Bets

Over/Under bets, otherwise known as Totals, are one of the most popular wagers placed on the NFL. So, it's a good job we compare all the totals too! Just switch that toggle in the top left on our NFL bets page.

If you're looking to get in on the Totals action, why not trust the Buffalo Bills explosive offense to light up the scoreboard against the New York Jets this week?

Jets Bills Totals

If you take the best odds for the Bills Over 47.5 points, you'll want to take the -105 odds at Draftkings. With a $100 dollar wager this will pay winnings of $195.24. That's $7.52 more in your account, compared to taking the same bet on FanDuel.

The Bottom Line

Whether you're betting on the Tennessee Titans, thinking Ryan Tannehill will out-throw Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, or you're placing a parlay on your favourite weekly NFL picks, from Thursday to Monday Night Football. Or even if you're looking at the NFL futures odds to wager on the Super Bowl.

EVERY ODD COUNTS and that's why we're here.