Betting | Jun 29, 2023

Best Odds for the 2026 World Cup

By Harry Bazley

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Despite being more than 3 years away, odds for the 2026 World Cup are already flooding the sportsbooks. Kylian Mbappé's stunning showdown with Lionel Messi last year delivered one of the greatest World Cup Finals of all time, and many of us eagerly await what 2026 has in store.

If you're looking to place a wager on your favourite team to lift the trophy in 2026, we've got you covered. Today, we'll be running through all the 2026 FIFA World Cup odds, along with some far too early predictions for the tournament.

Odds to Win the 2026 World Cup

There are 6 national teams with odds under the +1000 mark. Among those are Argentina and France, who battled it out in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Joining them in the top 6 are Brazil, England, Germany and Spain.

52 teams are currently listed with odds ranging from +500 all the way up to +100000, but only one side sits above the rest... (Check out the full odds list at the end of the article)

France (+500)

Every sports betting site currently listing odds for the tournament has France listed as favorites already, and it's no surprise. After winning in 2018 and coming in a very close second to Argentina last year, France demonstrated that they have one of the most dominant sides in world football.

You may wonder why Argentina aren't at the top of the odds. Well it's unlikely that the greatest of all time will be part of the 2026 event and without Messi, the South American side will find it tough to compete like they have done in recent years.

Meanwhile, the situation is quite different for France's key players who are expected to make the journey to North America in three years. France have an extremely young and talented side, and 13 out of the 18 players from their 2022 squad will still be under 30 years old in 2026.

So, without major changes to the team, plenty more experience for key players, and no more Messi to compete with, it's no surprise that France are the favorites to win the World Cup in 3 years.

Argentina (+950)

They may be fourth in the odds, but I would steer clear of this bet at all costs. The reigning World Cup winners tend to rank highly in the sportsbooks, but they will be a very different side in 2026.

Messi not only carried the team through the final but through the tournament as a whole. The captain's performance was nothing short of legendary, while very few other players stood out from the crowd. It's likely the GOAT won't participate in 2026, but even if he is convinced to play, a 39 year old Messi could play very differently.

Without No.10 carrying most of the weight, I don't expect Argentina to compete with the likes of France, England, Germany and many other sides.

Brazil (+550)

Brazil are currently the second favourites to win the Cup, with odds of +550.

In 2014, 2018 and again in 2022, injuries caused some serious issues for the side. Neymar will certainly want to mimic Messi's mid-30s comeback, but he's hinted at being unsure about his future with the national team. Either way, Brazil has a talented squad, but their young players need to step up if they want to do well. Brazil always finds a way to be competitive in soccer.

England (+750)

England has delivered some great performances over the years, but in typical fashion, they still find a way to lose. The curse of penalties has always plagued England in national competitions, and 2022 was no different. Harry Kane's miskick from the spot handed the win to France in the quarter finals and ruined any hopes of 'bringing football home'.

In any case, the English squad has serious talent, with a few veterans determined to make a name for themselves on the national football stage and young stars like Phil Foden, who stood out in 2022 as the next generation of greatness. Harry Kane was a dominant force up front (minus his penalty blunder), while the likes of Kyle Walker will always be a safe option at fullback.

They certainly have the talent to go the distance, but can they hold their nerve against sides like France and Germany?

USA (+1800)

The USMNT has tough odds but some things are working in their favour. They managed draws against Wales and England last year, and they'll have home field advantage for the first time since 1994.

The 2022 World Cup drew record-breaking viewership in the States, so 2026 could be a breakout year for the determined USA team with many home fans in the crowd. They could definitely do with the addition of a good striker, but many other countries are in the same boat. The North American side is young, but gaining more experience, and people will expect more from them now. Can they perform well on home turf?

Our Favourite Bet: Italy (+1800)

After inspecting all of the odds, our favourite bet on the World Cup 2026 is Italy. They are currently considered as serious underdogs with +1800 odds to win the World Cup. But I believe this won't last long.

In the next three years, Italy's chances of winning the World Cup should greatly improve. They didn't qualify for the last two tournaments, but they can't afford to miss out a third time. They'll make the push to qualify and I see them making a deep run in the tournament. The team has young players with lots of experience playing at the highest level in the Serie A and beyond, with the likes of Gianluigi Donnarumma, Jorginho, Lorenzo Insigne and Leonardo Bonucci.

It is certainly not the safest bet, but with odds at 1800+ the risk to reward ratio is much more favorable.

So that's our take on the current World Cup Odds for 2026. France is still pegged as the top dog in world football, while teams like Italy and USA offer some great odds with their underdog status.

Who do you think will lift the trophy in 3 years? Let us know over on Twitter & Instagram.

Here are the full odds for 2026 from bet365 (subject to change).

Country Odds
France +500
Brazil +550
England +750
Argentina +950
Germany +950
Spain +950
Portugal +1400
United States of America +1900
Netherlands +1900
Italy +2400
Belgium +3200
Uruguay +3200
Croatia +4900
Mexico +4900
Denmark +5500
Morocco +5500
Switzerland +5500
Japan +7500
Norway +7500
Canada +10000
Ecuador +11000
Serbia +11000
Sweden +15000
Chile +15000
Senegal +25000
South Korea +25000
Turkey +31000
Poland +31000
Austria +31000
Ukraine +31000
Paraguay +31000
Scotland +37000
Wales +43000
Hungary +43000
Colombia +45000
Cameroon +45000
Australia +45000
Republic of Ireland +55000
Ghana +55000
Georgia +55000
Romania +55000
Iran +55000
Saudi Arabia +55000
Tunisia +55000
United Arab Emirates +55000
Costa Rica +55000
Northern Ireland +100000
Peru +100000
Greece +100000
New Zealand +100000
Qatar +100000
China +100000