NFL | Feb 01, 2023

Best Odds for Betting on the 2023 Super Bowl

By Harry Bazley

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Super Bowl 57 is fast approaching, as the date has been set for the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles competing for the greatest title in football on February 12 2023 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

This game will feature two brothers on opposing sides - with Travis Kelce of the Chiefs and Jason Kelce of the Eagles - and will also be the first Super Bowl to feature two Black starting QBs. Coach Andy Reid will become the fifth head coach to face his former team in the Super Bowl, a feat not seen since 2014.

But, with all we know about this matchup, the big question remains... Will Patrick Mahomes' heroics continue, or will the Eagles' rushing attack take the lead?

There's plenty of other factors that will come into play in this matchup, but if you can make the right calls you could find a way to beat the odds and cash in on the big game.

Whether you're an NFL fanatic or a moneyline expert, you're probably looking to bet on the Super Bowl, and with all the cash that will be wagered next weekend, we all want to get the best returns on our bets, right?

Well, we've got you covered. Today we're going to take a look at where you can get the best Super Bowl 57 odds. We'll look at all the sportsbooks we can find, and go through how much your wager will payout if you win!

Super Bowl 57 Moneyline

Perhaps the most popular bet in sports, the moneyline wager, is simply a bet on which team will win the Super Bowl. Whether you're betting on the favorite or the underdog, the moneyline is a quick and easy bet to make that can win you some serious cash.

Let's take a look at the NFL odds for the Super Bowl moneyline.

SB Moneyline

The Philadelphia Eagles are favourites in the odds to win the Super Bowl this year. It looks like the sportsbooks are expecting Jalen Hurts and Co. to put in a similar performance after their impressive win against the San Francisco 49ers.

If you think Philly will get the best of Andy Reid, you’ll be taking the odds for the favorite, which does mean lower odds but there’s still room to work with.

  • If you make a $1000 bet on the Eagles at Wynn Bet you'll win $1,800. But if you place that same bet at BetMGM you'll win $1,833.33.
  • That's $33.33 more, for no extra work!

On the other hand, if you think Kansas City will get the job done, you’re looking at some higher odds and some bigger payouts…

  • If you make a $1000 bet on the Chiefs at BetMGM, you’ll win $2,000. But if you place that same bet at FanDuel, you’ll win $2,060.
  • That’s $60 more, and it costs you nothing!

These differences may not seem like much for just one bet, but imagine you place a single Moneyline bet each week without using our site - wagering just $60 more per bet, would add up to $720 in a year! And all it takes is one look at our odds comparison tool to avoid this!

Check out our odds comparison page for all the live odds and find yourself the best sportsbook for your Super Bowl Moneyline bets.

Super Bowl 57 Spread

If you're not a fan of the Moneyline bet, or you want to step things up to a parlay, the Spread bet is a great option.

Now, despite being the favorites to win the Super Bowl and lift the Lombardi Trophy, the Eagles are predicted to win by just 2 points in this matchup. It doesn't get much closer than that!

Sb Spreads

It will be a tough one to call, but if you think the Eagles will win by 2 points or more, you'll currently find the best odds at WynnBet.

  • If you make a $1000 bet on the Eagles at FanDuel you'll win $1,877.19. But if you place that same bet at Wynn Bet you'll win $1,925.93.
  • That's $48.74 more!

On the other hand, if you think Kansas City will get the job done and lose by less than 2 points (or even win), you’re looking at some higher odds and some bigger payouts…

  • If you make a $1000 bet on the Chiefs at Unibet, you’ll win $1,909.09. But if you place that same bet at FanDuel, you’ll win 1,943.40.
  • That’s $34.31 more, and you only need to spend a second checking our page!

So, while FanDuel has the worst odds for the Eagles, they have the best odds for KC in the spread. Clearly the bookmakers at FanDuel have their money on Mahomes to make this closer than everyone thinks!

For all the up-to-date odds comparisons on the Super Bowl Spread, check out our Spread Betting Super Bowl page.

Super Bowl 57 Totals or Over/Under

Lastly, we have the Totals odds. A fan favourite and a great bet to place if you really know your football!

These two offenses are as explosive as it gets, so the total for this game is set at 49.5 points. Now, you can take the Over or Under on this bet, both of which come with some great odds!

Totals SB

Both the Eagles and Chiefs have proven they can find the end zone in the toughest of times, all throughout the regular season, and their payoff performances have been no different. But Andy Reid will have a tough job scheming against this stellar Philly defense!

Now, Over/Under bets are about as 50/50 as it gets. As you can see, many of the sportsbooks offer the same odds for the over, as they do for the under. But if you want to get the best returns on your wager, there’s still some room to work with.

  • If you place a $1000 bet on the Over at BetRivers, you’ll win 1,909.09. Whereas if you wagered $1000 at FanDuel, you’ll win 1,943.40.
  • That’s $34.31 more!

Meanwhile, if you want to bet on the Under, you’re looking at slightly worse odds overall…

  • If you place a $1000 bet on the Under at FanDuel, you’ll win 1,877.19. But if you place the same wager at WynnBet you’ll receive 1,925.93.
  • That’s a difference of $48.74!

Check out all the live totals odds here.

So, there you have it - all the best odds for your Super Bowl bets, all in one place. Simply toggle the odds selector in the top left corner to choose your wager type - Moneyline, Spreads or Totals - and check the highlighted box for the best odds for each line.

And what's more - we even provide you with additional info to help guide your bets, including a full, up-to-date injury report, and the results from previous matchups between the teams!

It doesn't get much better than that! When you use BSO you'll know for certain that you're getting the most bang for your buck!