Betting | Nov 04, 2022

Best EPL Odds: 5th-6th November

By Freya Lockwood

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Chances are, you are looking for the best odds otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

At BestSportsOdds, we take all the best odds, including Premier League Betting odds from bookies and compare them to each other, helping you find the best odds for your bet in the most simplest way. In short, we find the best odds for you to make you the most money.

To help you out for the upcoming English Premier League (EPL) weekend, we have put together a list of the best odds for the EPL games between the 5th-6th of November.


Moneyline bets are popular across all sports betting, but especially when betting on soccer, whether that’s the premier league, championship, or even the UEFA Champions League.

Moneyline wagers work depending on the sport, there could be two or three outcomes to this wager, bettors will select one player or team to win over the other.

For example, this weekend Manchester United are playing Aston Villa this weekend, and you feel as if Man U are going to win, you would place the bet on them. This may be obvious, but if Man U win, you will win your bet, if Villa win, you will lose your bet.

If you head to EPL Odds, you can filter it to moneyline bets and the best odds for each game will be in the highlighted boxes (you can also filter for spreads and totals).

If you look below, Brentford are the favourites to win against Nottingham and you will make the most money at 888Sport as the odds are +155, the other sportsbooks/betting sites are offering lower.

If you bet $100 on Brentford to win you will win $255, so you have a return of $155. If you were to use betway, you would win $250. Although it’s not much difference, it is still more, so why wouldn’t you choose that option.

Moneyline Parlays

Simply said, moneyline parlays take the whole amount of your wager and place it all on one team; if that team wins, the total is recalculated and the new wager is placed entirely on the other team.

Now we will look at the odds on our site if you were to make a moneyline parlay bet.

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For example, if you were to make a parlay on all 5 of the favourites above, your bet would be.

Brentford over Nottingham Forest

Brighton over Wolverhampton

Manchester City over Fulham

Leeds United over Bournemouth

Everton over Leicester City

If you were to be $300 on this parlay using the best odds, your total return would be $7,892.51, meaning you’d be making a $7,592.51 profit.

If you use the worst odds, you would win a total of $7,579.15.

That would be a $313.36 difference.


Total bets are the most common form of over/under betting, you can make a wager on the total number of goals scored during a match. The sportsbook will set the numbers allowing you to choose if you want to bet under or over.

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Take the above for example, the sportsbooks have set the number at 3.5 for the game between Fulham and Man City. If you make the bet over, then the team will score 4 or more goals, if you are betting under, the team needs to score 3 or under.

Screenshot 2022 11 04 at 14 34 20

Or here is another example between Southampton and Newcastle United, the score is set at 2.5 goals, so betting over would be 3 or more goals and under you would need it to be 2 or less to win.

So, if you were to bet on Newcastle to score over 2.5 goals with the odds being -115 and you bet $100 you’ll get a total of $186 back.

The Bottom Line

If you are wanting to do some EPL betting, we are here to help, because every odd counts! Whether it’s parlays, moneylines, or futures bets, on West Ham United or Sheffield United, we’ve got you covered.

Always compare your odds to get the best out of your bet.