Apr 24, 2023

Anthony Richardson: Boom or Bust in the NFL?

By Harry Bazley

Anthony Richardson NFL Combine

Anthony Richardson was the talk of the town after his performance at the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine, but despite his athleticism, questions still remain about his ability to succeed in the league. In many books, Richardson is the most boom or bust quarterback in the 2023 NFL draft...

Blessed with ideal size (6'3" and 244 lbs), speed (4.43 combine 40-yard dash) and arm talent, he seems like a perfect QB for any team. Unfortunately for Richardson, being an NFL quarterback involves more than just physicality.

He has earned comparisons to a young Cam Newton, which would have been great a few years ago, but the former Panther only proved the most crucial point - that athleticism fades in the long term.

Richardson may still become the highest-ever draft pick for the Florida Gators in the modern era. But, his subpar collegiate performance raises questions that may push him down the table...

The first thing that stands out is his limited time on the turf. Richardson played just one year as a college starter and that will scare any coach who wants him taking snaps in Week 1. Not only does this provide very little film for scouts to judge, but even the film they can judge doesn't instil much faith.

His top 5 projection is largely based on an elite combine performance where Richardson proved he could throw the ball fast and smooth, but after completing a mere 53.8% of throws in his lone year as a starter, it's clear that his arm talent doesn't outweigh his football IQ.

As USA Today Sports Analyst, Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz puts it:

With only 393 career attempts to examine, it’s up to NFL scouts and general managers to figure out why Richardson could comfortably deliver a high-difficulty pass on one play and end up sailing a simpler throw on the next one.


It could be argued that Richardson was let down by a shoddy supporting cast and poor offensive scheme. But it's certain that his most serious lapses are down to disappointing footwork and poor decision making.

So, Anthony Richardson - boom or bust?

Well, it depends.

If Richardson heads straight into a starting spot, I'd be sceptical of him adjusting to NFL standards that quickly. On the other hand, if he takes a back-up spot to a veteran QB, he could be an elite passer in a few years time.

But perhaps the most important point is that this all hinges on which team will select Richardson in April.

Our mock draft has him going to the Colts as the 4th overall pick. If that's the case, he'll be taken under the wing of veteran QB Nick Foles, who is very familiar with everything it takes to be an NFL QB, besides physicality of course...

This could be the perfect situation for Richardson, and if our prediction is right, I'd be confident to say that AR will be a BOOM in a few seasons.

Tune into the 2023 NFL Draft this Thursday at 7:00 pm EDT to see if we got the call right...

Until then, check out some of Anthony Richardson's best highlights and let us know your bet on his Boom or Bust future on Twitter.