NFL | Jul 27, 2022

A History of The NFL in London

By Freya Lockwood

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To celebrate the sold out tickets to this year's US National Football League (NFL) London games, we will be taking a look at the history of the sport in the UK.

The NFL is one of The United States most popular sports leagues and its popularity has spilled across the globe, eventually leading to games being played overseas.

Time and time again there have been record sales of the tickets being sold out within just a couple of hours.

The first ever game in London was on October 28th, 2007, with the first 40,000 tickets being sold within 90 minutes. Pretty impressive considering the NFL wasn’t quite as popular in the UK compared to now.

Wembley, London hosted the Miami Dolphins against the New York Giants with a defeat 10-13 from the Giants. The international game was a success with 81,176 fans attending the game, from then on there at least one game was held every year in the UK.

The NFL made its way over to the UK after a successful away game in Mexico City, Mexico, where the Arizona Cardinals beat the San Francisco 49ers 31-14. This was the first ever NFL match to be held outside of the US.

After the first NFL game at Wembley Stadium, a single game was held in London up until 2011. After 4 years of success, a decision was made to give a single franchise a multiyear deal at Wembley Stadium.

The St. Louis Rams (now known as the Los Angeles Rams) decided to take the deal and agreed to play at the stadium each year for three years starting in 2012. However, in August 2012 they decided to opt out of two of the games, only playing one game in 2013.

Despite this, Los Angeles Rams agreed to play the games after the success they had previously when playing in London.

It wasn’t until 2013 that it was decided more than one game would be held a year, both the Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars would both go on to host games that year, making it the first season more than one game was held over in the UK.

In 2015, Tottenham Hotspur F.C. announced that they had signed a 10 year contract with the NFL to host at least two games at their new stadium from 2019. At the same time, the NFL has announced that at least two games would be played at Wembley stadium until 2020.

Later that year, it was announced that the NFL and England's Rugby Union would also host some games at Twickenham Stadium from 2016, the agreement was to play a total of three to five games for three years.

In 2019, NFL Teams, Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons were announced as the host of home games in 2020, this would either be held in London or Mexico, slightly closer to home in North America.

Unfortunately, due to the covid-19 outbreak it was not possible for these games to take place, and they would be hosted at their home ground instead.

In 2021 the London games returned and the New York Jets went up against the Atlanta Falcons and the Miami Dolphins lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars at the tottenham stadium.

This year the London Games are back, the UK will host the Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans Saints and the New York Giants vs Green Bay packers at the Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium and the Denver Broncos vs Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium.

Table of NFL London Game Results

Date Home Score Visitor Score Stadium
28th October 2007 Miami Dolphins 10 New York Giants 13 Wembley
26th October 2008 New Orleans Saints 37 San Diego Chargers 32 Wembley
25th October 2009 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7 New England Patriots 35 Wembley
31st October 2010 San Francisco 49ers 24 Denver Broncos 16 Wembley
23rd October 2011 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 18 Chicago Bears 24 Wembley
28th October 2012 St Louis Rams 7 New England Patriots 46 Wembley
29th September 2013 Minnesota Vikings 34 Pittsburgh Steelers 27 Wembley
27th October 2013 Jacksonville Jaguars 10 San Francisco 49ers 42 Wembley
28th September 2014 Oakland Raiders 14 Miami Dolphins 38 Wembley
26th October 2014 Atlanta Falcons 21 Detroit Lions 22 Wembley
9th November 2014 Jacksonville Jaguars 17 Dallas Cowboys 31 Wembley
4th October 2015 Miami Dolphins 14 New York Jets 27 Wembley
25th October 2015 Jacksonville Jaguars 34 Buffalo Bills 31 Wembley
1st November 2015 Kansas City Chiefs 45 Detroit Lions 10 Wembley
2nd October 2016 Jacksonville Jaguars 30 Indianapolis Colts 27 Wembley
23rd October 2016 Los Angeles Rams 10 New York Giants 17 Twickenham
30th October 2016 Cincinnati Bengals 27 Washington Redskins 27 Wembley
24th September 2017 Jacksonville Jaguars 44 Baltimore Ravens 7 Wembley
1st October 2017 Miami Dolphins 0 New Orleans Saints 20 Wembley
22nd October 2017 Los Angeles Rams 33 Arizona Cardinals 0 Twickenham
29th October 2017 Cleveland Browns 16 Minnesota Vikings 33 Twickenham
14th October 2018 Oakland Raiders 3 Seattle Seahawks 27 Wembley Stadium
21st October 2018 Los Angeles Chargers 20 Tennesee Titans 19 Wembley Stadium
28th October 2018 Jacksonville Jaguars 18 Philadelphia Eagles 24 Wembley Stadium
6th October 2019 Oakland Raiders 24 Chicago Bears 21 Tottenham Hotspur
13th October 2019 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 26 Carolina Panthers 37 Tottenham Hotspur
27th October 2019 Los Angeles Rams 24 Cincinnati Bengals 10 Wembley Stadium
3rd November 2019 Jacksonville Jaguars 3 Houston Texans 26 Wembley Stadium
10th October 2021 New York Jets 20 Atlanta Falcons 27 Tottenham Hotspur
17th October 2021 Miami Dolphins 20 Jacksonville Jaguars 23 Tottenham Hotspur