NFL | Nov 20, 2023

2023/24 NFL Week 11 Recap

By Harry Bazley

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Bad luck for the Bengals, a bounce back for the Bills and some Brock Purdy perfection highlight Week 11 of the 2023/24 NFL season.

Bengals 20 - 34 Ravens

I’m sorry to say, but the Bengals are done without Joe Burrow.

Cincy’s QB1 left in the 2nd quarter with a wrist injury and has now been ruled out for the season, leaving Jake Browning to take over the starting spot. He didn’t have a terrible performance - 8 of 14 for 68 yards and a touchdown - but this offense won’t be anywhere near as dangerous now.

And the Ravens also suffered a big hit to their roster - Mark Andrews went down early and is unlikely to return this year.

With a top pass-catcher out of action, Zay Flowers and OBJ will need to have more games like this to keep Baltimore in the win column. Andrews will be sorely missed, but I fully expect the Ravens to keep it rolling.

Steelers 10 - 13 Browns

Pittsburgh have been outgained in every single game this season and outscored overall, but were somehow still 6-3 heading into this matchup. Finally, banged up Browns roster exposed just how fraudulent their wins have been.

Now, I don’t like being so harsh, but Kenny Pickett needs to be benched ASAP. There’s no hope for the Steelers while he’s at the helm. And sure, he’s not getting any help from Matt Canada, but with throws like this, my prayers go out to Mike Tomlin.

Raiders 13 - 20 Dolphins

Despite Miami’s offense stuttering this week, one thing you can always rely on is Tyreek Hill torching a secondary…

In all honesty, they were lucky to get away with a win here, but thankfully, Aiden O'Connell isn't much of a threat. The real tests will come in the final month, with the Jets, Ravens, Cowboys and Bills on the schedule for Miami. This was a bit too easy.

Bears 26 - 31 Lions

Jared Goff survived this one by the skin of his teeth.

After throwing 2 interceptions in the first two drives, plus another one in the 3rd quarter, Chicago had been gifted a 12 point lead. But the Lions fought back to put up three scores in the last 3 minutes of the game, and it was all capped off by Aiden Hutchinson, who is looking like a future Hall of Famer these days.

Dan Campbell keeps finding a way to win, and I'm here for it.

Titans 14 - 34 Jaguars

After a 5-game win streak, the Jags were embarrassed by the ‘9ers who held them to just 3 points. They desperately needed a bounce back, and that's exactly what they got.

Trevor Lawrence in his groove is a top tier QB…

It’s very early days, but the same could be said of Will Levis.

His debut performance shocked the league, but he followed it up with two consecutive games failing to find the endzone and throwing a pick in each. This week, he put up 2 touchdowns and zero INTs, it’s just a shame he has such a terrible run game backing him up.

Chargers 20 - 23 Packers

The Chargers might be the biggest disappointment of the year.

Sure, we all knew their defense would be mediocre, but they have all the offensive weapons to destroy teams like Green Bay and they keep falling short. To be clear though, it’s not on Justin Herbert, it’s on drops like this…

But let’s talk about Jordan Love. He’s on a three-game run of looking like a seriously good quarterback. This week he found 10 different pass catchers for 27 completions, logging 322 yards and 2 touchdowns on the night.

I guess it helps when your receivers make plays like this, but Jordan still deserves plenty of love for his Week 11 performance. (pun intended)

Cardinals 16 - 21 Texans

C.J. Stroud strikes again.

Now, he may have thrown three picks, and almost thrown the game. But he still racked up 336 yards and 2 touchdowns. This dude should be in the MVP conversation.

Meanwhile, it’s great to see Kyler Murray back in kit, but it’ll be a while before this Cardinals roster can really compete.

Cowboys 33 - 10 Panthers

The Cowboys will definitely be in the playoffs, but don’t let their 7-3 record fool you.

Putting up 33 points against Carolina is all well and good, until you realise they’re yet to beat a single team with a winning record. That being said, I don’t doubt that Dallas could contend for the Super Bowl this year, they just have a lot still to prove in my opinion.

Anyway… Tony Pollard wins angriest run of the week.

Giants 31 - 19 Commanders

Why does Sam Howell do this just as I start gaining faith in him again and name him the most underrated QB in the league.

After a four game stretch of 8 touchdowns, 2 picks against some of the top defenses, I thought Howell was the guy. Now, he still leads the league in passing yards, so I still back him going forward, but to throw 3 interceptions against the most garbage team in the entire league is as embarrassing as it gets…

Now, all props to the Giants D-line, who showed up out of nowhere to be the difference maker in this game. But Tommy DeVito deserves the biggest shoutout for making plays like this all game.

Buccaneers 14 - 27 49ers

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Brock Purdy is not a system quarterback.

The last pick in the 2022 draft just logged the first perfect passer rating for a 49ers QB since Joe Montana in 1989. He threw 19 of 22 for 315 and 3 touchdowns, including this absolute dime to Brandon Aiyuk.

Just as Richard Sherman put it - if he was a top 5 pick he’d be praised as one of the best prospects in the NFL right now. But because he’s the former “Mr. Irrelevant” everyone is waiting for the fall off… Put some respect on Brock Purdy’s name.

Jets 6 - 32 Bills

The Bills might be back.

After a few disappointing losses to the Pats, Bengals and Broncos, Josh Allen got back to his usual self and put up 3 touchdowns against one of the best pass defenses in the league.

Meanwhile, Robert Salah needs to stop defending Zach Wilson. He’s got all the options and none of the production. The Jets are done until Rodgers returns.

Seahawks 16 - 17 Rams

Is clutch Matt Stafford back? Probably not, but as a Rams fan I’ll enjoy this while I can.

Stafford threw a pick to start the fourth quarter, but then returned to put up two scores in the final five minutes. It certainly helped that Drew Lock stepped in for Geno Smith - only to turn the ball over on his sixth pass attempt - but let’s give credit where it’s due…

Puka Nacua is still a top tier receiver, even when Kupp is on the field.

A hurt Geno Smith still managed to return to the game and put together a 90 second drive to line up a game-winning field goal attempt, but Jason Myers couldn’t convert, meaning the Hawks now trail San Fran by one win.

It’s still up for grabs in the NFC West, but with Seattle on a short week and Kenneth Walker unlikely to play, if Lock is in the starting spot they could easily fall to 5-6, leaving room for the Rams to climb the board.

Vikings 20 - 21 Broncos

You may be wondering how the Vikings managed to lose this game, but it’s simple. They lead the league in fumbles and that stat was on full display last night.

The Broncos won the turnover battle 3-0 and it all started with the first Minnesota drive - forcing a fumble and putting up a field goal to take an early lead. They then kicked 4 more through the uprights and only found the endzone when it truly mattered.

It seems Russell Wilson can do one of three things, take sacks, throw check downs or launch moon balls for game-winning TDs. Either he’s clutch or he’s nothing.

But let’s not let all of that distract us from the fact that Joshua Dobbs is seriously special. He might just be the best improvisational quarterback behind Patrick Mahomes.

Eagles 21 - 17 Chiefs

The Super Bowl rematch did not disappoint. KC looked poised to hold a strong lead once again, but this time, Philly did what they do best...

KC may have outgained the Eagles by 100 yards while they held AJ Brown to just 8 yards. But it doesn’t matter how they get there, if you let Philly into the redzone, you aren’t stopping their run game. The Brotherly Shove strikes again.

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