NFL | Oct 10, 2022

2022 NFL Week 5 Sunday Recap

By Harry Bazley

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A clutch kick, a lesson for the Lions and some terrible calls were made in Week 5's NFL matchups. The Eagles remain undefeated as they go 5-0 on the season, while many others fall to 1-4. But whether you're a Philly fan or a Steelers' supporter, there's plenty to talk about from October 9, 2022. So, let's get started.

Giants 27 - 22 Packers

Barkley bounces back.

The star Giants RB logs his third straight 100-yard scrimmage game, despite a shoulder injury sending him to the locker room in Q3. A battered and bruised Dan Jones joins the action with another solid performance to take Big Blue to their first 4-1 start since 2009. I think it's safe to say, the Giants are relevant again.

The Rodgers rollercoaster continues, as Green Bay put on a nearly perfect performance in the first two quarters but clearly forgot to pack their second-half game plan for their trip to London. The Pack were outscored 17-2 in the last 30 minutes, but the 2 points came from a voluntary Giants safety to run the clock out.

They may have a winning record but I'm still doubting the Green Bay Packers this year.

Lions 0 - 29 Patriots

Tables turn...

A Detroit offense that quietly led the league in scoring prior to this matchup, failed to put a single point on the board as they inexplicably turned the ball over 7 times...

The Lions failed to convert on SIX 4th down attempts - one of which resulted in a scoop and score at the end of the first half, making it 13-0 when an easy 6-3 was in the palm of their hands.

So, Jared Goff is back to his disappointing ways and I really do love to see it. But what on earth was going on with the play calls?

In other news, Bill Belichick announced that this will be his last season as the Pats head coach. My guess is he's just tired of dealing with any QB that's not Tom Brady, as he's currently down to his third string thrower, Bailey Zappe.

The back-up's back-up looked surprisingly comfortable in his first NFL start, but the highlights here are a Patriots defense that clock another shutout in four straight seasons and a monster performance from running-back Rhamondre Stevenson who logged 161 yards on the ground.

Chargers 30 - 28 Browns

Browns gonna Brown.

Let's be honest, if there's any team you want to try and hand the win to, it's Cleveland. And Brandon Staley knew that.

The Chargers head coach elected not to punt on 4th down with 1:14 left, on their own 46 yard-line, while holding just a 2 point lead... Much to their luck, Brissett responded with a 3rd down interception that threw away their shot at a 27-yard field goal for the lead.

For a QB that was putting up a good fight for the starting spot upon Deshaun Watson's return, this mistake takes him one step closer to a seat on the bench.

The Los Angeles Chargers go 3-2 thanks to Brissett being scared to run 7 yards.

Texans 13 - 6 Jaguars

It's taken 5 weeks, but Houston may have finally found their recipe for success: give Damion Pierce the ball and let the defense do the rest.

Meanwhile, the Jags remain one of the most confusing teams in the NFL. While Trevor Lawrence out-throws Davis Mills 286 yards to just 140, they can only muster 2 field goals.

I'm wondering how many losses Jacksonville need on their record before they take a leaf out of the Texans playbook. Travis Etienne Jr averaged 7.1 yards per attempt and they only gave him 10 carries... Something needs to change when you're losing to Houston on home turf.

Falcons 15 - 21 Buccaneers

Starting to feel sorry for Atlanta.

The Falcons three losses this season have been by a combined total of just 11 points, but none have been as frustrating as this Tom Brady-reffed affair. The GOAT's special treatment is back once again, with perhaps the worst roughing-the-passer call of all time.

This sack would have given Atlanta the ball back at 21-15 with 3 minutes left, instead it seals the win for Tampa Bay...

Sure, if the Falcons actually show up in any of the first three quarters, it may not have gone to the wire. But we all wanted to see a comeback from 21-0, which was all but certain until this absolute howler from the officials...

Steelers 3 - 38 Bills

Bills back on top.

After a tough loss to the Dolphins in week 4, the Bills bounce back to deliver the greatest defeat the Steelers have seen in 33 years.

Pittsburgh are now 0-8 without T.J Watt and are looking at an ever longer stretch without their star D-lineman. Steel City go 1-4 and I can't see things getting any easier.

Josh Allen, on the other hand, is back to his gunslinger ways after a down week in Miami. Hitting 424 yards and 4 touchdowns, Allen is once again proving why Buffalo are the Super Bowl favourites.

My fantasy matchup is looking great after Gabe Davis shone with two touchdowns and 171 yards from just 3 receptions. More of the same please Josh.

Dolphins 17 - 40 Jets

New York turn the tide against the Dolphins.

With Tua out, Miami struggled to get anything going offensively, but the Dolphins downfall here was their utterly non-existent defense.

The Fins gave up a rushing touchdown to literally every single Jet that got a carry. Bad news for Mike McDaniel as his team fall to third place in a tough division. But great news for New York as they figure out their offense and look like they could actually bag a wild card spot.

The Jets in the playoffs? Wouldn't that be wild.

Bears 22 - 29 Vikings

This could genuinely be Chicago's greatest offensive performance all year, and they still couldn't get it done.

The Bears fought back from 21-3 to take a 22-21 lead as Justin Fields delivered big play after big play and David Montgomery returned to the lineup with a solid performance. Despite the offense finding their feet, Chicago's D just had no answer for a Vikings side that only punted once.

Kirk Cousins came out swinging as he completed 17 consecutive throws, right off the bat - setting a franchise record in the process. While Justin Jefferson continues to tear apart every secondary in the league, logging 154 yards on 12 catches.

The Minnesota Vikings go 4-1 and sit atop the NFC North, while the Chicago Bears fall to third place at 2-3.

Titans 21 - 17 Commanders

A deceptive scoreline.

Other than two long touchdowns for 70 and 30 yards (both from Dyami Brown), Tennessee pretty much shut down Carson Wentz. His sheer inability to keep drives alive was a huge factor in this loss - going just 1-11 on third downs.

But, in a sea of low moments for Washington, there's one highlight that can't be dismissed:

Not only did Derrick Henry show up, logging 102 yards and 2 touchdowns, but Tannehill managed to keep it going against a Washington defense that sacked him 5 times. Tennessee are looking good in the top spot of the AFC south and now have three consecutive wins.

Seahawks 32 - 39 Saints

Dennis Allen finally puts the NFL's most versatile athlete to use.

Taysom Hill has long been known as the most dynamic player in the league, but Allen has finally put him to use in this matchup against Seattle.

Hill was everywhere, scoring a touchdown through the air and three more on the ground - plus, he led the Saints in rushing yards, with 112, on a day that also saw Alvin Kamara hit the century mark. The tight-end-turned-quarterback-turned-running-back was also seen returning kicks, taking three back for a total of 69 yards.

Now, the Seahawks played well. Geno Smith was still a solid QB, Rashad Penny had a solid game before he was carted off with a fractured tibia, and Metcalfe was a walking highlight-reel as always. Seattle just had no answer for the Swiss Army Knife that is Taysom Hill.

If New Orleans continue using him correctly, he'd have a shot at MVP.

49ers 37 - 15 Panthers

Mayfield's decline continues.

For what I expected to be a turnaround year in Carolina, Baker Mayfield is getting progressively worse. I've already waved goodbye to my season-long spread bet on the Panthers.

On the other hand, Jimmy G has turned things around after a couple of performances that showed why Trey Lance put him on the bench. The 49ers QB threw 2 touchdown passes with 253 yards. Not too shabby.

For a San Francisco defense that lost half of its starting secondary to injuries, they put up a pretty good fight. Although not much of a fight is needed when you're playing a one-man team. Yes, I'm talking about Christian McCaffrey.

Let's get this man to a team that actually works and watch him become the Hall of Fame RB that he should be.

Cowboys 22 - 10 Rams

Speaking of one-man teams - the Rams continue to show that Cooper Kupp is their only offensive weapon that's worth a dime.

After another 7 catches, 125 yards and a touchdown against Dallas, Kupp now has 49 receptions and 527 yards, putting him on pace for an astounding 179 catches. This would shatter the current NFL single-season record of 149. But that's it. That's as far as this LA offense goes. One always-reliable wide-receiver, and troubles everywhere else on the turf.

Let's not overlook the Dallas defense though. Allowing just 13.3 ppg during their 4-game win streak and a fearsome pass rush, headlined by Micah Parsons, the Cowboys could go the distance if they keep up their current form.

The Los Angeles Rams fall to 2-3 while the Boys move up to 4-1, and Cooper Rush is yet to lose as a starter... Dak who?

Eagles 20 - 17 Cardinals

The Birds are still soaring.

With Dallas hot on their tails, Philly edge out Murray and the Cardinals to remain unbeaten and stay atop the NFC East.

Jalen Hurts put in another good performance, with 239 yards and 2 rushing touchdowns but the Eagles should count themselves lucky after a few mistakes from Kyler cost Arizona a shot at the win.

After coming back from 14-0, a crucial 3rd & 1 saw Murray spike the ball in a hurry, forcing the Cardinals to attempt a field goal for the tie. Matt Amendola missed the 43-yarder with 22 seconds left, and Philadelphia survive.

We'll see how Jalen hurts fares against the Cowboys d-line next week. My money’s on 6-0 for the Birds.

Bengals 17 - 19 Ravens

Justin Tucker remains reliable as the Baltimore Ravens kick it for the win with 3 seconds left.

Lamar has a down week as he throws for just 174 yards, one touchdown and one interception. With a rating of just 71.6, Jackson used his feet to become the difference maker in this matchup.

The versatile QB led the Ravens in rushing yards with 58 on the day, including 31 in the final drive of the game to put Baltimore within field-goal range and Justin Tucker was reliable as ever, sailing it through the uprights from 43 yards out.

JT is now 25-of-26 all-time on lead-taking field goals in the last two minutes of the 4th quarter or overtime. Best kicker of all time? I think so.