MLB | Oct 28, 2022

2022 MLB World Series Odds: Props, Moneylines and More

By Harry Bazley

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The 2022 MLB World Series begins on Friday night as the American League Champions, the Houston Astros, host the National League Champions, the Philadelphia Phillies for Game 1 at Minute Maid Park.

Now, the MLB regular season may be long gone, but we still have one thing to look forward to. Very soon we'll all miss the sound of a ball hitting a catcher's mitt, the crack of a bat on a home run hit and most of all the taste of overpriced beer. But, until then, the World Series still leaves a few more MLB betting opportunities for us to take advantage of.

There's a sea of sports betting odds, from MLB futures to player and team prop bets, plus everything in between. So, today we're going to help you out by running through all the 2022 world series odds you should know. (All odds from Draftkings and correct as of October 27th)

Odds for Game 1

Let's start off simple and take a look at the moneyline odds for Game 1 of the 2022 World Series - you should find this option on any betting site you visit. If you want to find the best odds for the moneyline just check out our MLB betting page here.

The Astros are currently favourites to bag a victory on Game 1 at -165 in the odds, while the Philly are at +140.

Gam 1

Alongside the moneyline, there are odds for total runs in the game which currently sits at 6.5. You'll receive a better payout if you take the under bet here - meaning you need 7 runs or less to cash in.

Then there's the run line - listing the difference in runs between the two sides when the game ends. If you take the bet that the Astros will win by over 1.5 runs, your odds are +135, while if you go for the Phillies run line, they need to lose or win by 2 or less runs for you to get a payout.

Odds to win the 2022 World Series

The Astros are currently favoured to win the entire series at odds of -185, while the Phillies are underdogs at +160.

While the LA Dodgers were favourites all year - having the most successful regular-season record with 111 wins - they fell short of making the series and the Astros have taken over as the team to beat.

The Atlanta Braves defeated the Houston Astros in six games to win the 2021 world series. But this year, Houston are looking stronger than ever as they haven't lost a 2022 playoff game. They displayed their most powerful weapon throughout the American League Divisional and Conference series - depth - and it looks like it could pay off to land them the title. What do you think?

Series winner

Correct Score Odds

For some higher odds and bigger payouts, you could take a guess at the correct score for the entire series.

As the favourites to win, any scoreline putting the Astros ahead comes with lower odds. So, if you want to take an even bigger risk than just a moneyline bet on Philly, you could go for a correct score wager instead.

Correct score

World Series MVP Odds

Now, if you really know your baseball, you could place a bet on who will be crowned MVP of the 2022 World Series. Unless you want to take a complete gamble, I'd only recommend this bet to the MLB experts out there.

The favourites for MVP are currently Bryce Harper (+600), Yordan Alvarez (+650) and Kyle Tucker (+1000).

Mvp odds

Series Totals Odds

As you can see below, there's plenty of different factors you can bet on for the series as a whole. If you're a home run fan, you can bet on the total amount of home runs hit throughout the 2022 World Series. Alternatively, you can bet on the total number of games, total runs and total strikeouts.

Series totals

World Series Player Props

If you want to move away from bets on the series outcomes, you can instead bet on the performances of individual players.

Here's just a few of the options you have to choose from:

  • Most Home Runs

  • Most Hits

  • Most Runs Batted In

  • Total Bases

Plus, you can even bet on player props head-to-head. This means you can bet on which player out of the two offered, will hit the most home runs and land bases etc.


Batter and Pitcher Props

Some of the most popular player props in the World Series are based on the performances of batters and pitchers.

Depending on which side of the ball you know best, you could take a swing at the over/under bets on Bryce Harper's home runs, or perhaps wager on Justin Verlander and Aaron Nola throwing strikes. The world is your oyster - just look at all the options you have.

Player props

And it doesn't end there...

Including everything already mentioned, you can bet on:

  • Game 1 Specials

  • Specific Innings

  • Individual Game Parlays and Props

  • Correct Scores

  • Season Specials

And if all that is not enough, you can even bet on the 2023 World Series winners already...

World Series 2023

There really is an endless list of betting options if you're looking to land some cash from this year's MLB World Series.

If you are going to wager on the series winner or anything else for that matter, always gamble responsibly.

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