Betting not legal

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Online gambling in Alabama is completely illegal with the exception of Horse Racing. Online betting on Horse Racing is only currently available through Twin Spires. Other than this there seems to be no provision for a change of law and certainly no pending bills. So for now, we suggest you enjoy the warm weather in the Heart of Dixie.


Betting not legal

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In Alaska it is Illegal to gamble on anything that is considered a game of chance, unfortunately this includes Poker. With regards to sports betting, all online sports betting is illegal with one notable exception, Dog mushing. Dog mushing is an important Alaskan tradition, and wagering on dog mushing contests is the only form of sports betting allowed in the Last Frontier. Oh Alaska, never change.


Betting not legal

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Arizona's gaming laws are actually quite vague. Several native tribes have had to fight an uphill battle to preserve their casinos, so they don't plan to move these services online. Whilst strictly speaking there is no legal online gambling in Arizona, some off-shore gambling sites do accept users from Arizona.


Betting not legal

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As with many States, Online gambling is all but prohibited in the State of Arkansas, the only exceptions to this is betting on horse racing and participating in DFS, or Daily Fantasy Sports. This is unlikely to change in the near future.


Betting not legal

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In the State of California, all online gambling is illegal. There are no exceptions. There are the usual mix of horse racing tracks and Native American Casinos but unfortunately for residents of California, these are your only options. As with most States though, the law is a mix of federal and local laws that don't specifically ban iGaming so there is potential to bet at at off-shore gambling site. This is correct at the time of writing but these things have habit of changing rapidly, so please check online for the most up-to-date info.


Betting legalized

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As of May 2020, sports betting (in person and online/mobile) is now legal in Colorado. Legal sports betting in Colorado is now available online and at local Colorado casinos. There are several online sportsbook and casino offerings in Colorado from well established sites such as BetMGM and FOX bet, for a plucky up and comer choice you could have a look at SportsBetting.Com who exclusively cater to Colorado bettors.


Betting legalized

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Sports betting has been legal in Connecticut since 2017, and went live In 2021 when Connecticut legislators approved a new gaming compact between its two gaming tribes and the state. But it wasn’t until October 19. 2021 that CT sports betting became a viable pastime when Gov. Ned Lamont announced that online sports wagering and Casino websites could begin operating for adults 21 and older. Gov. Ned Lamont was also the first person in the state to cast a legal sports betting wager in the state’s history.


Betting not legal

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In Delaware it is now legal to gamble online at a sportsbooks or casino, the only caveat to this is that the law has been changed so recently that very few betting sites are currently offering their services to Delaware citizens but luckily some of the biggest and best sportsbooks have rolled out the red carpet. These include, 888Sport, William Hill and FOX bet. Hopefully many more will be opening their doors as time goes on.

District of Columbia

Betting not legal

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Online Gambling is legal in Washington DC. DC is the first place in America to offer sports betting without already having had land-based casinos. Fans in DC can place bets on mobile platforms like the William Hill or BetMGM apps, so long as they’re physically within two blocks of the William Hill sportsbook at Capital One Arena, or within two blocks of Nationals Park if you wager with BetMGM.


Legislation pending

Florida logo

Unfortunately, online gambling is not currently legal in Florida. This could change in the near future, as the state has seen a growth of revenue in the past few years for local land-based gambling. Due to poker and casinos being legal in the area, there is a lot of money being made in these industries, meaning the sunshine state could be in with the chance of online betting becoming legal. When it comes to sports betting, the chances of it being legal online is not looking likely due to the resistance to the iGambling bill, despite some sports betting being legal to bet on, on land.


Betting not legal

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Online gambling is currently illegal in the state of Georgia, as is land-based gambling. Currently, the only way to bet real-money in the state of Georgia is to go on a casino cruise, where you can go all out on slots, blackjack and more! Although, The Georgia General Assembly is currently working on an amendment to the constitution, which would allow sports betting within state lines. Albeit, this would need to be approved by voters state-wide.


Betting not legal

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Gambling, in all sense of the word, is illegal in Hawaii, you cannot gamble online or land based. Casino and poker games are legal if they are played and enjoyed in a social setting, where no one but the players are benefiting from the game. As for sports betting, this is a big no. It is not legal in a social setting nor is it even legal to bet on horse and dog racing, as some anti-gambling states might.


Betting not legal

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In short, online gambling is illegal in Idaho. There is currently a lack of definitive iGambling regulations in Idaho, meaning there are no laws stopping locals from playing on off-shore sites, it is hard to know if these regulations apply to online gambling too, however, it is currently considered illegal to gamble online in the state of Idaho. Despite land-based pari-mutuel dog and horse racing betting is legal in the state, sports betting and any involvement whether it be on or offline, in a sportsbook is currently prohibited. Due to the success of poker and casinos in the state, this is a possibility that one day, online-gambling could become legal in Idaho.


Betting legalized

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All forms of gambling are legal in the state of Illinois, whether its is online or land-based. Despite this, section 28 of the Illinois code states that its illegal for people staying in Illinois to operate unlicensed online gambling businesses. Online poker, casinos and sports betting are all now legal since 2019, making it easier for its residents to access the world of gambling.


Betting legalized

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It is currently legal to gamble both off and online in the state of Indiana. Although, Indiana never launched a regulated iGaming Industry, so some of the regulations are a bit outdated to say the least. Despite the legalisation of online gambling, it must be via a state-regulated sportsbook when its comes to sports betting. Unfortunately, online poker and casinos platforms are still criminalised in the state of Indiana.


Betting legalized

Iowa logo

Online gambling is legal in the state of Iowa, with online sports betting gaining more popularity than ever before. With regards to online poker and casinos, this not currently available in Iowa, although there is a chance that it could be legalised in the future, but for now you can only play real-money poker and casino games land-based.


Betting legalized

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Despite Kansas not regulating online sports betting, poker and casinos, they are still legal and you can play without violating any gambling laws. Kansas is one of the states where you can gamble online without any worries, you will not be prosecuted for any form of online gambling. So take your pick, you can gamble off or online.


Betting not legal

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In the State of Kentucky it is illegal to gamble on any which is defined as staking or risking something of value upon the outcome of a contest or game based on an element of chance. This obviously extends to all online betting as well. Aside from the Kentucky Lottery, regulated gambling is limited to horse race betting at local racetracks.


Betting legalized

Louisiana logo

In Louisiana, since the 22nd of June, in-person and online sports betting is now legal. That's when Gov. John Bel Edwards signed SB 247 into law and opened the doors to a new era in the Bayou State’s gambling history.

Anyone aged 21 and over and within Louisiana State lines can place a bet on sports at licenced online sites.

Gambling at Casinos is still currently prohibited but, depending on how successful sports betting is, this may not be the case for much longer. So make sure to check back regularly as these laws are changing rapidly and with little warning.


Betting not legal

Maine logo

In Maine, all online gambling, except for Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), is illegal. There are potential changes coming with the introduction of a new bill, but for the time at least, there is no sports betting, no casinos and no poker availability in the State. Please check back regularly though as this could change in the future.


Legislation pending

Maryland logo

Gambling options continue to expand in Maryland. State lawmakers in May 2021 approved online and retail sports betting. Since then, several Online Sportsbooks have opened up to Maryland residents.

Online casino gambling, which is legal in several neighboring Mid-Atlantic states, may not be far behind.


Betting not legal

Massachusetts logo

Sports betting currently is not legal in Massachusetts, but that could change in 2022.

The previous legislative session officially ended on Jan. 4, 2022, with no sports betting legislation passed by the Senate. That means Massachusetts residents will have to continue to travel for legal betting options. It so happens there are plenty.

Four of its neighbors — Connecticut, New York, New Hampshire and Rhode Island — allow mobile betting in some form. With Boston less than an hour’s drive to three of the states, Massachusetts is losing potential tax revenue to these states.


Betting legalized

Michigan logo

Michigan officially legalized sports betting in December 2019. The first retail sportsbooks in the state opened their doors in March 2020 with the online launch taking place in January 2021. There is no residency requirement for betting, but you must be within state lines to place any bets. There was clearly a strong appetite for sports betting as In the first 10 days of legal online wagering, bettors placed over $100 million in wagers!


Betting not legal

Minnesota logo

Online Sports betting and Online Casinos are currently illegal in Minnesota. There is talk, however, of a proposal for a new bill that could legalise this in the near future. So keep a close eye on proceedings and the world of sports betting could open up to you.


Betting not legal

Mississippi logo

Mississippi launched legal and regulated sports betting in August 2018. Online betting is legal in Mississippi, but the caveat is that you have to be at a casino. There was hope that would change in 2022, but four bills aimed at legalizing online sports betting died in committee. so for now at least, any type of legal gaming must occur at the licensed locations.


Legislation pending

Missouri logo

Currently, in Missouri, online sports betting is still banned. The federal prohibition on sports betting has been lifted, but no law has passed the state legislature to allow Missouri online sports betting.

Although on the 9th of February Two Missouri lawmakers introduced bills to legalize online sports gambling in the state. State House Rep. Phil Christofanelli and state Senate Rep. Tony Luetkemeyer have introduced bills in their respective chambers to allow for mobile sports wagering. If both bills pass, Gov. Michael Parson would need to sign the potential legislation in order for it to become law.

So, if you are a Missouri resident, leave your email with us and we'll let you know if and when the bill passes.


Betting legalized

Montana logo

In Montana online betting is technically legal, but it does not work the same way as other states, like New Jersey or Pennsylvania. To bet online, bettors still have to be at one of several licensed sports betting retail facilities dotted around the state. But as long as you are in one of these licensed places, then there are no restrictions and you can bet to your hearts' content.


Betting not legal

Nebraska logo

On March 18, 2021, the Nebraska Legislature finally approved a prospective bill that would permit retail sports betting. Unfortunately, this same bill also prohibited mobile gaming, so for now, all online gaming is banned in the State of Nebraska unless you do it in-person in one of the designated and licensed sportsbook venues. This seems unlikely to change in the near future, but stranger things have happened in the Cornhusker State.


Betting legalized

Nevada logo

Nevada has offered legal sports wagering since 1949 and until recently, held a monopoly on the US sports betting market, recently expanding its offerings to include mobile and online sports betting options.

Nevada allows multiple forms of sports betting, including brick and mortar sportsbooks, online sports betting and mobile sports betting apps. The Nevada Gaming Control Board has the sole authority to regulate domestic sports wagering activities.

New Hampshire

Betting legalized

New Hampshire logo

With the introduction and approval of the bill H480 by Governor Chris Sununu has signed the sports betting bill into law in the State of New Hampshire. Mobile sports betting is now legal in New Hampshire with DraftKings being the first sports betting app to launch in December 2019. Since then several large Sportsbooks have joined the fray and New Hampshire residents are now free to place bets both online and in licenced physical locations within the Granite State.

New Jersey

Betting legalized

New Jersey logo

The Garden State is one of the friendliest to gamblers. Online sports betting is legal in New Jersey with more than two dozen mobile apps available in the state. Legal sportsbooks began taking bets in August 2018, two months after the law was signed.

New Jersey has benefitted massively by being one of the first states to allow online sports betting with an astonishing 53 Million Dollars generated in January of 2020!

New Jersey has one of the most reputable and difficult to attain gaming licences in the whole of the US. Any Casino or Sportsbook that has applied for and attained this licence is likely to be very safe and very secure.

New Mexico

Betting not legal

New Mexico logo

In New Mexico, there is only a single casino that is allowed to offer sports betting, the Santa Ana Star Casino and Hotel outside of Albuquerque, opened a sports book shortly after PASPA was overturned, and began taking bets in mid-October 2018.

Without having passed statewide mobile or online legalization, New Mexico is restricted to wagering on sports in-person at tribal casinos. Betting on sports is completely in the hands of the tribes that run each casino in which it is offered. The state doesn’t even assess an additional tax for sports betting.

So unfortunately, for now, we have to report that all Online Sports betting is illegal and is very unlikely to change due to the potential loss of earnings to brick and mortars casinos already existing in New Mexico.

New York

Betting legalized

New York logo

New York online sports betting went live on Saturday, January 8, 2022. The New York State Gaming Commission announced at the beginning of January that four sportsbooks - Caesars, DraftKings, FanDuel and Rush Street Interactive - had received approval to begin taking wagers. With the New York betting market projected to gross $667 million in revenue this 2022.

North Dakota

Betting not legal

North Dakota logo

On December 6, 2021, North Dakota lawmakers rejected a sports betting ballot measure, likely ending any legalization hopes until at least 2025.


Legislation pending

Ohio logo

On December 22, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signed House Bill 29 into law on Wednesday, legalizing sports betting throughout the state.Bettors will be able to place wagers on professional, college and esports by Jan. 1, 2023, though legislators, sportsbooks and bettors have expressed interest in expediting the process. So for now, we will have to wait and see how quickly the process unfolds.


Betting not legal

Oklahoma logo

Currently, All local sports betting is illegal in the state of Oklahoma, although there is a possibility that could change in the future. Recently, state Rep. Ken Luttrell, R-Ponca City, filed House Bill 3008, which would add pooled sports gambling to the list of activities allowed under existing gaming compacts between the state and tribes.

There are several large obstacles in the way to enact this bill but with a bit of luck, over the next few years, Oklahoma could allow online sports betting for it's 4 million residents.


Betting legalized

Oregon logo

Oregon is a bit of a double-edged sword when it comes to betting. Oregon officially legalized sports betting in August 2019, and a month later, the first official sportsbook was opened at Chinook Winds tribal gaming facility – this remains the only legal brick-and-mortar place in the state to bet on sports.

There are currently no plans for Oregon to extend sports betting to online apps, so for now the only option remains visiting a casino.


Betting legalized

Pennsylvania logo

Sports betting is legal in Pennsylvania. Retail sports betting made its debut in November 2018, followed by the introduction of online and mobile options beginning in May 2019. The most convenient way to bet in Pennsylvania is online. Legal online sportsbooks use geolocation tracking to verify your location, as you must be in state lines when placing your bet, but there are several reputable sportsbooks to choose from.

Rhode Island

Betting legalized

Rhode Island logo

Sports betting is legal in Rhode Island. After a retail-only launch late in 2018, lawmakers passed bill SB37 to legalize mobile wagering on March 12, 2019. On July 16, 2020, the Ocean State legalized remote registration, allowing sports bettors to create a sportsbook account without visiting a casino in-person.

South Carolina

Betting not legal

South Carolina logo

Sports betting is currently illegal in the State of South Carolina but, gubernatorial hopeful, Joe Cunningham, is looking to change that. Cunningham's proposal would allow South Carolinians to bet on sports online, in brick and mortar online and on mobile apps, a move he estimated could bring in about $40 million a year to the state in new revenue. There is no legal action at the moment but given the importance of such a move, keep your wallets handy as it may be sooner than you think.

South Dakota

Legislation pending

South Dakota logo

Unfortunately, online sports betting is not currently legal in South Dakota, however it could be legalised in the near future after, land-based sports betting was approved in the 2020. The answer as to whether online casinos and poker are legal is sadly, the same answer. Online pari-mutuel wagering on horse racing on certain platforms is the only exception to the current online gambling laws in the state.


Betting legalized

Tennessee logo

Sports betting is legal in the state of Tennessee. It was approved in 2019 and made totally legal in 2020. Since then, a range of sportsbooks have become available for betters in Tennessee. You can bet on sports via mobile apps and online wagering, retail betting is currently illegal in the state.

Unfortunately, at the moment online poker and casinos are illegal or you are limited to what you can play.


Betting not legal

Texas logo

Sports betting is currently illegal in the Lone Star state. There were legislative developments in 2021 that seemed hopeful for Texas betting enthusiasts, but it now looks like the possibility for legal sports betting has been tabled until 2023. Those involved have stated that 2024 or 2025 are realistic launch dates for sports betting in Texas, but the market will likely flood with options when the law changes.


Betting not legal

Utah logo

In Utah, both traditional sports betting and racetrack betting are completely illegal. No pending bills are set to be passed, so it seems things will remain this way for the time being. Any offshore gambling will also come a class B misdemeanour so if you're desperate for a wager, a move out of state will have to come with it.


Legislation pending

Vermont logo

Betting of any kind in Vermont is very limited. Although most of the North East have moved quickly into passing legislature, Vermont is trailing the pack. They currently have two bills pending in the House and the Senate that, if passed, would legalise sports betting. For now any form of online or mobile sports betting is illegal.


Betting legalized

Virginia logo

Sports betting in Virginia became legal in April 2020 and active in January 2021. Anyone who is at least 21 years of age, has a valid United States Social Security Number and is physically located within the state of Virginia can bet with various sportsbooks like DraftKings and FanDuel.


Legislation pending

Washington logo

It is currently legal to bet on sports in the Evergreen state, however it can only be done inside of a retail tribal casino. Online and mobile sports betting is not yet allowed in Washington, but the state is pushing for online sports betting to be made legal at some point. For now you'll have to stick to your local retail sportsbooks, but with sites like BetFred, FanDuel and DraftKings awaiting online approval, we doubt it will be long before you can wager from home.

West Virginia

Betting legalized

West Virginia logo

West Virginia legalised sports betting back in May 2018. Since then, many major better companies have joined forces with local online sportsbooks to bring countless options to West Virginian residents. For example: William Hill launched an online sportsbook with the land-based Hollywood Casino, followed shortly by FanDuel teaming up with The Greenbrier. As such, West Virginians are not short of options for online sports betting.


Betting not legal

Wisconsin logo

Sports betting in Wisconsin is only legal at one casino in the state - offering sports betting at its main casino in Green Bay from November 2021. Unfortunately, online sportsbooks have yet to be legalised in Wisconsin and with no pending bills to be passed, there's no expectation for this to change soon. Although residents can't bet online or at the tracks, they can still enjoy simulcast horse and dog race betting in their local casinos.


Betting not legal

Wyoming logo

Legal betting in Wyoming is strictly limited to horse and greyhound racing, which is available both on-track at Sweetwater Downs and Wyoming Downs and in some licensed satellite facilities. Unfortunately, Wyoming residents don’t legally have access to any online betting options, which of course includes sports betting. Any offshore site winnings will also come with a misdemeanour to boot. So for now you'll have to stick to the tracks.