Power Play Specialist

A Power Play Specialist in ice hockey is a player who is specifically skilled at capitalizing on the advantages of a power play situation, which occurs when the opposing team has one or more players serving penalties.

Key Responsibilities of a Power Play Specialist

Offensive Strategy

A Power Play Specialist must have a deep understanding of offensive tactics and strategies during a power play. They work with their teammates to create scoring opportunities and exploit the gaps in the opposing team's penalty kill formation.

Puck Possession

Maintaining control of the puck is crucial during a power play. The Power Play Specialist should be proficient in stickhandling, passing, and protecting the puck to ensure it remains in the offensive zone. They need to make quick decisions to keep the play moving and prevent turnovers.

Shooting Accuracy

A Power Play Specialist is expected to have excellent shooting skills, particularly accuracy and the ability to create scoring chances. They should be able to take advantage of shooting lanes, find open areas to receive passes, and deliver accurate shots on goal.

Net-front Presence

Often, the Power Play Specialist's role includes positioning themselves near the opponent's net. They need to establish a strong presence in front of the goaltender, screening their view and creating traffic to disrupt their ability to make saves. This role may also involve deflecting shots or capitalizing on rebounds.


In addition to their shooting abilities, a Power Play Specialist should possess excellent playmaking skills. They need to be able to read the game, anticipate passing lanes, and make precise passes to set up scoring opportunities for their teammates.

Special Teams Coordination

Power Play Specialists work closely with the rest of their power play unit. They need to have good communication skills to coordinate plays, recognize defensive adjustments, and adjust their strategies accordingly. They may also need to adapt to different power play formations depending on the team's game plan.

Defensive Responsibilities

While the primary focus of a Power Play Specialist is offensive production, they must also be mindful of their defensive responsibilities. They need to be aware of potential short-handed opportunities for the opposing team and be prepared to quickly transition to a defensive role if necessary.

Adaptability and Creativity

Power Play Specialists must be adaptable and creative in their approach. They should be able to analyze the opposing team's penalty kill strategies and find innovative ways to exploit weaknesses and create scoring chances.

Decision-making under pressure

Power play situations often involve increased pressure, as the team on the power play has a limited time to capitalize on the advantage. The Power Play Specialist needs to make quick and informed decisions, such as whether to shoot, pass, or hold onto the puck, while under pressure from the opposing penalty kill unit.

Best NHL Power Play Specialists of All Time

  • Mario Lemieux: Lemieux is widely regarded as one of the greatest players in NHL history. He possessed exceptional vision, skill, and a deadly accurate shot, making him a dominant force on the power play. Lemieux scored numerous power play goals throughout his career and was known for his ability to create scoring opportunities for his teammates as well.
  • Bobby Orr: Orr revolutionized the role of defensemen in the NHL with his offensive prowess. Despite being primarily known for his scoring ability at even strength, Orr was equally effective on the power play. He possessed exceptional skating and puck-handling skills, enabling him to create scoring chances and contribute significantly on the man advantage.
  • Mike Bossy: Bossy was a prolific goal scorer for the New York Islanders during the 1980s. He had a lethal shot and great positioning, which made him a nightmare for opposing penalty killers. Bossy consistently put up impressive power play numbers, leading the league in power play goals multiple times and contributing to the Islanders' dynasty with his special teams play.
  • Brett Hull: Hull was one of the most prolific goal scorers in NHL history and thrived on the power play. His wicked slap shot and incredible accuracy made him a constant threat whenever his team had the man advantage. Hull had an uncanny ability to find open space and capitalize on scoring chances, earning him a reputation as one of the game's greatest power play specialists.
  • Alex Ovechkin: Ovechkin has dominated the NHL with his incredible goal-scoring ability, and a significant portion of his goals have come on the power play. His powerful shot and quick release make him a constant threat to opposing penalty killers. Ovechkin has led the league in power play goals multiple times and holds numerous records for power play success, solidifying his place as one of the greatest power play specialists in NHL history.